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room rental

Tailor-made spaces fully equipped for
your professional activities and training processes

Rental of multidisciplinary rooms in El Maresme

With our facilities at your entire disposal

Our spaces allows the flexibility that your business requires, with all the comforts and facilities that Torre D’Ara offers.

Stand out in your activities with the security, hygiene and digitization necessary to face your new challenges, with the best guarantees and the best of scenarios.

El entorno perfecto
Espacios para reuniones y actividades profesionales
Total flexibilidad
Espacios a medida para actividades formativas

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Our rooms are perfectly equipped for all kinds of activities.



Integrated audiovisual system


Make sure the space for your activities is unbeatable.

Work in the healthiest, most productive and sustainable coworking in Europe

In Torre d’Ara we have built processes based on the Circular Economy, according to the principles Cradle to Cradle®

Thermal, light, acoustic comfort and the layout are designed for the well-being of people
500 tons of sustainable raw material
Carbon footprint reduction
Traceability of the raw materials used
Cyclability: raw materials from coworking can be decomposed and reused in the future
No products that cause cancer or other diseases

The opinion of our clients

The opinion of people, who are already sharing moments with us

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