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Statements of the Circular Economy

    As a consequence from the industrial revolution, the production and consumption model was based on the use of abundant natural resources, following a linear pattern: extract, manufacture, consume and throw away.

    This development model has given society a certain material prosperity. However, the increase in world population, the effects on the environment (climate change, waste production, water pollution, etc.) and the limitations in terms of natural resources make it unsustainable in the long term.

    What is the Circular Economy?

    The circular economy is based on the production of goods and services in a sustainable way, reducing consumption, time, energy sources and waste. A relationship between economy and environment is established.

    Main features:

    Consumption of less natural resources:

    • Efficient and minimized use of water and energy consumption
    • Optimize exploitation and reduce dependency on import

    Increase the percentage of use of renewable and recyclable resources

    • Replace conventional energy with renewable energy
    • The percentage of recycled materials increases

    Reduces emissions

    • Renewable energy
    • Clean material cycles

    Less waste

    • Minimize waste
    • Incineration and landfilling are limited to a minimum

    Maintains the value of the products

    • Increased shelf life of products
    • Component reuse
    • Preserves the value of materials through recycling

    The circular economy optimizes the use of material and energy flows based on the functioning of ecosystems: the least possible energy is used and everything is reused.

    What does the Circular Economy contribute to our proposal?

    At Torra d’Ara we have built processes based on the arguments of the Circular Economy:

    • Thermal, light, acoustic and layout comfort are designed for the well-being of people
    • 500 tons of sustainable raw material
    • Reduction of the carbon footprint
    • Ecotoxicity
    • Health
    • Traceability of the raw materials used
    • Productivity
    • Cyclability: the raw materials of the private office and coworking space may be decomposed and reused in the future
    • No products that cause cancer or other diseases

    Try it for yourself!

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